Sunday, February 8, 2009

Friends have been asking, "what about the kids?" Holidays and birthdays are normally cause for buying special little trinkets. Well, I don't want anymore special little trinkets to step on in my home. I will be treating them to special meals and special outings on these dates. Believe me, they will be pleasantly surprised, instead of feeling cheated by my experiment.

For Valentines Day, I will make Tim a big, fancy meal. I am thinking a nice juicy steak and crab legs. We may even open the bottle of champagne that's been taking up space in the fridge since New Year's Eve. I will enlist his dad for babysitting. Tim doesn't really need anything. So instead of a tangible gift, I will make a card and a coupon book for him.


  1. I fervently admire what you are doing, and look forward to reading about your year. We ALL have too much stuff! (Barring the destitute and homeless, that is.) Sometimes I have a fantasy of a fire sweeping through my home, burning everything down to the essentials. I would guess that we need about 25% of what we have. We give over a lot of ourselves to the insatiable hunger for more, more, imagining that things will bring us happiness, learning over and over again that they don't. We know and yet we forget that "you can't take it with you."

    You Go Girl!

  2. "an admirer" posted such an awesome comment. I agree and have had the same fantasy about my home burning, IF I have time to save my family photos. My dream is that I can declutter this year and sell this home and move to a smaller one, mainly to lower our property taxes.