Friday, February 20, 2009

Yet another temptation

Two, not one, but two, "50% off your entire purchase,"coupons arrived in my mailbox from my favorite thrift store. These coupons from Value World would normally burn a hole in my pocket. In the past, I would have been extremely excited to get into the store and load up a cart full of stuff. Even worse, I would have been asking friends and neighbors for their coupons, so that I could go to each and every location and load up a cart full of stuff. Wow, have I had an awakening or what. I am tempted to have a ceremonial burning of the coupons! Anyone, out there,want them? You have to prove it's for something you need! I don't want to contribute to the shop therapy epidemic.

This is a fabulous retail lure. They know some of us can't resist a good deal. These coupons get us in the door, even when we do not need anything in particular. Then, once there, since everything is half off, we buy all kinds of stuff we do not need and would never even considered buying had we been sitting at home playing a game with the kids or facebooking. (Is that a word yet?)

So conscious of what you're buying and why. Just think about it. Just because it's a great deal, doesn't mean you need to bring it into your home. I have been so guilty of this in the past. Here's and example of my twisted buying habits...I counted Zoe's shoes last night...20 pairs! Shockingly, this was only the count of the ones in the shoe rack hanging in her closet. Not the countless pairs I could have found in various spots around the house. Nobody, especially a 3rd grader, needs 20 pairs of shoes, just because they can be bought for $3.00 or less per pair. Unfortunately, that is not the only area I over purchase.

I am trying to stop the insanity! Join me....think about your buying habits!

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  1. Hi Bliss. Thanks for being my first follower! I like your blog and am going to bookmark it and check back on you. I'm really impressed that you embarked on a year of not buying anything BEFORE you learned about The Compact.
    I wish us both good luck with our pact!
    -Angela at