Thursday, February 12, 2009

NEW books?

I just spent an hour at the Indianapolis Marion County Public Library website. I requested titles listed in the Scholastic pamphlet from Bryn's school. I let her circle the titles that looked interesting (kind of like shoppping). I told her I would get them from the library.

We have to many books as it is. I rarely if ever, bought new books. If I needed a book fix, I would go to one of my favorite thrift stores where they were sold 5 for $1.00. Wow, can you believe it. I would walk out with bags of books for the price of one at the NEW price. It was a very satisfying high! Now we will get bags full of books from the library. The perks are,we will be able to take them back when we are done and they will be free. Of course, that assumes I get them back on time.

All of our current book shelf space is full. The kids rarely go to them. They like the new stuff from the library. I would imagine, I could clear out a stack of books as high as the house and still keep my favorites. I don't know that I will, but I want to! It would make me feel good to let them go to another place where they would be enjoyed more. Then again, I should save them in case I ever open a reading centered program for the disadvantaged kids in town. Conventional wisdom says, "clear them out now, then buy more," if I ever get a program together.

What to do? Save or pass or pass on. Anyone want to weigh in on the subject? Fly Lady would say pass it on now.

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