Saturday, February 21, 2009

New hobby on the free?

Today we picked up some free scrapbooking supplies from a freecycler. We headed straight over to a friend's house to use their supplies too. Of course, I soon realized, that to really do this right, the sellers of scrapbooking supplies want you to think you need a ton of stuff. The things we received in the box left on a Noblesville porch, do not even scratch the surface.

Zoe really enjoyed doing this and wants to keep it up. We will have to get by with what we have or find another generous soul giving away supplies. I will not cave! No mater how much she begs.

I am sure we can do some nice work with old fashioned scissors and such. It's just like every other aspect of our consumer habits. We feel the need to have the biggest TV, the nicest car, the newest golf club, etc. If something is lacking within us, surely buying more stuff will fix it. When a husband's golf score don't measure up to his buddy's score, it certainly can't be attributed to must be the crappy equipment. Time to upgrade!

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